Dija is a mock brand  I created for a project on branding. Dija is a kurta brand that make kurtas for women of all body shapes and sizes. The brand makes kurtas for everyday wear and simple occasions. The word 'Dija' means pretty. The target group for this brand is from the age 35-40. They use materials sustainable material like cotton and are priced at an affordable rate for the middle class income groups.

Social Media:
Urban Suburban

Collateral design

Urban Suburban is an existing brand I used for this project. The idea of Urban Subअर्बन first conceptualized when everything seemed the same and boring. The logo is bi-lingual, because we make use of Indian and Western textiles both, to give high street fashion cuts to all our garments. Urban Suburban makes luxurious and sustainable products from waste materials such as off-cuts from high-end fashion houses and also from the materials you give us to upcycle and give you something back as trendy as it was.

Poster Campaign
Logo Animation