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Reflection is a premium lakeside boutique hotel in Italy. Its name subtly emphasizes the beautiful reflection that it casts onto the lake.

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Reflection is a premium lakeside boutique hotel in Italy. It’s name subtly emphasizes the beautiful reflection that it casts onto the lake. All the rooms are highly customizable and are designed to have large glass windows which provide great lighting and ventilation. The hotel’s breakfast and bar is the perfect place for guests to relax and socialize. The minimalistic but elegant lobby interiors complement the exterior perfectly helping add to the hotel’s premium feel. Over time, Reflection plans to grow into a chain of lakeside hotels.

Project details

Time - 3 months
Tools - Adobe XD
             Adobe Illustrator
             Adobe Photoshop
Role - Graphic designer


The moodboard is designed to understand the look and feel of the brand, and help decide which colors to use.



Two elements were incorporated into the logo while making, one is the fish element as Garda lake is famous for it and the other being the meaning behind the name itself.


Color Palette




Business Card

Since a business card is an important identity element for a hotel, more focus was given to this stationery during the project.


Door Signages & Key Card


Other Collaterals


Breakfast Lounge

Pane & Miele meaning bread and honey in Italian, is the breakfast lounge at Reflection.



Whales is the name of the hotel's bar. Circulating around the concept of marine life.



A single landing home page was designed for the hotel website. The webpage covers the main details of the hotel such as about the hotel, about the rooms, location etc.
The connecting pages are to be developed in the future.



The brochure contains information about the hotel, what garda lake is famous for and all the tourist spots. It is designed using the same brand language and colors.


While creating a brand identity for a hotel, I learnt that there are many small aspects to take into consideration during the design process. Making sure the logo is clean and can be available for monogramming was my main priority during the ideation. Reflection is one of my most proudest projects and truly represents my style as visual designer. Reflction hotel is set to open up this coming summer at Garda lake, Italy.

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