Mobile UI Design

Lyfsize is an app that I branded and designed during my summer internship in 2019.​

About the App:

The Lyfsize 3D body scanning technology for mobile requires just two smartphone photos to accurately calculate over forty four precise body measurements. Clients can send you their measurements from their own apps or you can take their photos yourself when they visit your establishment and the app will instantly determine their measurements for you, saving time and expense​

You can also check out the app on Google Play Store

Mock up-min.png

UI for Urban Suburban

I designed the UI as a collateral to support the brand UrbanSuburban

app mock up.png

Web UI Design

Old school kirana is a new and upcoming brand that sells organic flours, oils etc. Here is the website UI.
To view the whole project click here

osk mock up.png

Web UI for Lyfsize

Check out

lyfsize mockup 1.png
lyfsize mockup 1.png
lyfsize mockup 2.png
lyfsize mockup 2.png