About me :)


I'm Varsha Satrasala, a visual designer and a recent communication design graduate.


At my most recent internship at 17D north, I worked on 2 branding projects starting from the first client meeting and questionnaire to the ideation and pitching them. As a part of the branding team, I closely assisted my mentor in building the brand identity and creating collaterals.


In my summer internship of 2019, I worked at a fashion technology start-up called Bigthinx. I was the lead UI designer for their new app called Lyfsize, a 3D body scanning technology that accurately calculates body measurements. I was also a part of the user research team where we conducted activities, interviews, and surveys.


When I'm not designing, you can find me baking cookies, playing with my dog Mijo or just listening to music

You can reach out to me at varsha.satrasala@gmail.com